New Moon Full Moon bundle ritual worksheet planner printable



This is a set of Two ritual planners for the Moons (Esbats – Full Moons, Noumenia – New Moons).

These are printable blank worksheet planners to use in creating your own rituals.  You will receive two .pdf files, one for each of the Sabbats.

Each of the ritual worksheet planners have 9 pages, covering:

name, date, time, location, props, tools, food & drink, (ie Goddess/God, visiting messengers, Quarters..)

theme, deities, elementals, beings, roles which need people

cleansing/blessing/casting opening

invocation of deity

heart of ritual, purpose of work

cakes and ale

closing, farewell of deities, dismissals, ..

feasting and clean-up



You have permission to print this file as many times as you wish for your own purposes.

IMPORTANT. These are BLANK. They are meant as a guide for You to create your own rituals, either group or solitary.



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