New Site Theme, bear with me

“Hello world!”  In the midst of testing a new theme for my site (it was absolutely not the right layout for what I’m hoping to achieve here), I discovered the handy-dandy trusty theme I’ve used on this site for literally ~years~ is ‘Retired’.  That means that once I switched away from it to preview a new theme, I lost access to the old one.

Such is life.

Bear with me while I get a new theme set up.  The behind-the-scenes world of wordpress has changed so much over the years that I’m finding it a foreign land.

Wheel of Fortune “this side” from Vice Versa tarot.  Love this little tidbit from the guidebook:

“Struggling to understand what is beyond mortal understanding brings despair.”

LOL!  Seems almost fitting as I navigate this new era of blogging.  😉

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Ace of Crystals

Ace of Crystals

Manifestation & Prosperity

a fresh start, fulfillment, vitality, successful ventures, stability, practicality

Spiritsong Tarot by Paulina Cassidy

Samhain weekend

I have been taking a little break for some much-needed soul time, so deck reviews will be on pause for a week or two.  I hope all of you are finding time to nourish your Self.  It is so important that we care for ourselves.

I live in a smaller city, with a bit of hustle & bustle noise, but video’d a bit of our fire last evening in order to share it with those who may want to enjoy a fire, but cannot have one for whatever reason.  You may just like to look at flames, or do some divination, commune with the fire drakes, sit in silence.  Enjoy!