Poll, online classes ~ would you Rather…

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I’m doing a little “market research” before I invest a lot of up-front time putting some amazing plans into action. What’s that saying ~ Measure twice, cut once? I’m quite prone to cutting blindly without measuring, so help me out here, and even if you don’t do online classes, pretend for a moment that you are the kind of person who does. Which of the options below would you find more enjoyable and useful? THANK you so much for participating!!

New Site Theme, bear with me

“Hello world!”  In the midst of testing a new theme for my site (it was absolutely not the right layout for what I’m hoping to achieve here), I discovered the handy-dandy trusty theme I’ve used on this site for literally ~years~ is ‘Retired’.  That means that once I switched away from it to preview a new theme, I lost access to the old one.

Such is life.

Bear with me while I get a new theme set up.  The behind-the-scenes world of wordpress has changed so much over the years that I’m finding it a foreign land.

Wheel of Fortune “this side” from Vice Versa tarot.  Love this little tidbit from the guidebook:

“Struggling to understand what is beyond mortal understanding brings despair.”

LOL!  Seems almost fitting as I navigate this new era of blogging.  😉

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Ace of Crystals

Ace of Crystals

Manifestation & Prosperity

a fresh start, fulfillment, vitality, successful ventures, stability, practicality

Spiritsong Tarot by Paulina Cassidy