Meet Marigolde!

Hi! I’m Marigolde of Faery Garden. 

 I am pleased you have found me in this great expanse of a Universe.  What are the odds?!  I am in my late 40s, so it still amazes me how much connection the internet offers us in our contemporary times.  I remember in the late 1980s and early 1990s, when I was just really diving deep into my personal spiritual exploration and journey, that books, listings in the backs of periodicals, and the bulletin board at a local shop were really the only places I even heard mention of alternate approaches to health and healing.

My hobbies, interests, and passions are diverse. Gardening and crafting are both areas I have dug deeply into over the years. Pun intended! (I love puns.) I share my life with a wonderful fella, two cats, a dog, fish, chickens, not enough houseplants, and of course our kids, the human (not furred, finned, nor feathered). Wellness and finding one’s purpose and passion in life matters – so many of my activities, plans and goals are focused in those directions. I have an active earth-based spiritual path and am a Reiki practitioner. Tarot and oracle are also a part of my life.

It wasn’t until the advent of the greater Web that I had the personal opportunity to explore such things more fully.  Even though I have been aware of, and interactive with, earth energies my entire life, it wasn’t until 2009 that I undertook studies with a Reiki teacher.  I received my first and second attunements at that time.

Over the course of the next 7 years or so, I mostly used Reiki for myself, my companion critters, and the occasional friend who knew I was “into that sort of thing”.  I became more aware of, and concerned about, our shifting consciousness across the planet.  I am a little too young to have been one of the Flower Child Age of Aquarius generation and a little too old to be of the Indigo Child generation, but the internet bridges all those gaps and allows for all of us to be aware of these transitions taking place.

I asked myself what I could do to meet my inner calling and soul purpose, as well as do my part to help in the overall shifting paradigm and shifting into a new age of awareness; and I found my answer in healing and wellness.  As one part of this, I undertook a course of studies to refresh my connection with Reiki, as well as go deeper and receive my Master level attunement.

One of the benefits of being a Reiki Master is that I am able to offer my services to you, regardless of where we physically are.  Everyone ought to be able to have access to, and receive, Reiki energy.  It is just that transformative!  Distance healing bridges both space and time – there is quite a bit of a deep dive into quantum theory and the nature of energy – which makes it ideal for reaching people where they are at.

I look forward to working with you on your wellness journey.  🙂  Welcome to this place , and may your journey be bright as you move forward in life!

                       Blessed Be!    



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