Meet Marigolde!

Hi! I’m Marigolde of Faery Garden. 

 I am pleased you have found me in this great expanse of a Universe. 

My hobbies, interests, and passions are diverse. Gardening and crafting are both areas I have dug deeply into over the years. Pun intended! (I love puns.) I share my life with a wonderful fella, two cats, a dog, fish, chickens, not enough houseplants, and of course our kids, the human (not furred, finned, nor feathered). Wellness and finding one’s purpose and passion in life matters – so many of my activities, plans and goals are focused in those directions. I have an active earth-based spiritual path and am a Reiki practitioner. Tarot and oracle are also a part of my life.


                       Blessed Be!