Plant of the week, Peace lily


This is a peace lily – spathiphyllum. We received it as a gift this fall and I nearly killed it. The floral shop that sold it had covered the top of the soil with a nest of fiber – coconut maybe? or one of the decorative mosses? Anyway, it made it difficult to tell just what was going on with soil moisture, and I kept adding water, a cup here, a cup there, thinking it was drying out. Not so much! I acted on a hunch one day and took the plant in my kitchen to pull it out at the sink. Good thing I was at the sink, because there must have been a solid inch of stagnant water in the bottom of the pot! Peace lilies, as I learned, do not, absolutely do not like wet feet. Luckily I caught it in time! I trimmed off the faltering flower stalks so the plant can focus on roots and leaves and in the future will only be watering it at the sink where I can be sure it has fully drained before going back in the decorative container!

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