28 Days of Reiki

28 Days of Reiki – follow along on Instagram! We are starting tomorrow, June 14th.

For Reiki practitioners, & non-practitioners.

For the next 28 days, set aside time each day for 3 things:

1. Giving yourself Reiki self-treatments;

2. sending Reiki to heal your community;

3. sending Reiki to support a cause.

Aim for at least 10 minutes daily for your self-treatments. The better in harmony within yourself, the better you can help others.

If you’re not a reiki practitioner, you can substitute meditation, yoga, or another practice that helps you feel centered, instead of reiki self-treatments; as well as doing something daily to help the world around you – a lot of people are making great sets of links, just do a quick google for some ideas. 🙂

I will be sending 30 minutes of distance reiki to those participating, who want to receive it, at 4am each day. You need not be doing anything special to receive reiki, but it would be nice to know in the comments if you wish to be included. 🙂

Pictured is a Reiki gratitude tree I collaged this past winter – I will be posting it each day on social media (not here on the blog), as a little visual reminder in the feed to help all of us (myself included) stay on track.

Why am I doing this? The world needs healers – & healers tend to deplete themselves while healing others, neglecting our own healing. This will help those of us who have neglected our daily treatments to re-habituate ourselves with self-care.

All of us, face pandemic stress; & many of us, are involved in some way with social justice problems, which vary by country. In the USA for instance, we are confronting systemic racism against Black members of our communities.

There are many other things which are also worthy of our time & attention, & it is worth making a space so these things continue to be supported.

There is no wrong way to do this challenge – if you miss a day, or feel like repeating the good will &/or reiki you put into the world for one cause many times, you do you. <3

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