Marvelous Mondays with Mother Mary Oracle

Our Lady of Becoming

My beloved child, you are a divine flower preparing to bloom. You belong in the divine garden and you will blossom into radiance. I have declared it and it will be so! You shall thrive and be nourished into life. Your uniqueness and beauty shall not be hidden from the world, obscured by veils of fear and shame. I am the holy hand unveiling your secret light, that it may pour forth the grace that heals the world. This is your destiny, and it will be.

This card is all about bringing what is meant to be within you, into being.  To look to others for guidance as needed.  To be aware when people are using you for their dreams, instead of supporting you in yours. This card is telling you about needing to invest energy and action in order to reach a goal, to become what you are meant to be.  Inaction and over-action both get in the way of this. Take small steps, but take those steps.

Blessed Be,


Mother Mary Oracle by Alana Fairchild

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