This weekend is all about making syrups and jellies, washing wool, and gathering berries in the wild.

Feeding my soul with escapes away from the city is something I have far less opportunity for than I would prefer.  Any berries picked are delicious bonuses.

Wool-gathering.  What a fun phrase!  I have already “gathered” the wool from a wonderful person who raises & shears her own sheep.  Sometimes she has items in her etsy shop Na Durtha Wool for purchase, and can be contacted at NaDurthaWool@yahoo.com  Anyhow, I might be running out of time today to begin the task of cleaning the fleece I purchased.  I will be using some of it for stuffing in dream pillows for my etsy shop.  They will be so soft and squishy and perfect.  I can hardly wait!

So what about all this is “witching craft” anyway?  Well, I approach most of my life magically.  Anyone can make jelly.  You don’t have to be a witch to do that – but this witch does things like stir runes into the pot while things simmer, to encourage health and joy and blessings for those who later have the eating of it.  And while I am in the mountains this weekend, I will be taking time to talk to the trees and the rocks, and simply ~be~ for a while.

I had hoped to put together a photo montage of some crafty stuff, but I am out of time this weekend.  Maybe next weekend!  Have a lovely one yourselves and see you again on Monday!

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