a Week of Wild Energy, #17 Himself (r)

The card for this Marvelous Monday is Himself, a card of power and magic and life force.

As we move through this week, Himself guides us to have awareness of our energy and how we use it.  The potential for extreme expressions of power and creativity is present, be on guard that you are channeling your energy towards positive rather than destructive ends.  The negative potential in this card is not so much one of releasing things which do not serve you, but brutality and violence towards others, misuse of power and authority, and all-out destruction.

This seems a bit grim to approach our week on, so I have pulled a second card to inquire about how we might use the energy present in this week in a better way ~  #19, The Sage.

The Sage is a card that runs deep, he evokes mind pictures of ancient time and dense old-growth forests, knowledge and wisdom, mystery and hidden ways.  There is a patience in ancient ways and things.  This card has many potential meanings, but of use to us today and throughout our week is the essence of simplicity.   To embrace this means to contemplate what you have going on, especially the thought processes in your mind.  What needs to be integrated?  What can you discard?  What will you keep?  Do this with compassion for yourself and others.

The Sage appearing also indicates that rather than perceiving your energy as stagnant or blocked, this may be a time for you to spend some time in retreat and contemplation.  This would be using the reversed energy of Himself in a mindfully positive way.

Finally, spend some time in nature – put your bare feet on the earth if you can, hug a tree, lay on the ground and watch the sky, sit by a fountain in the city, watch some pigeons and notice how they interact – think of something, even if it is seemingly small, to engage with your connections to this physical realm.  This will help ground some of the wild energy if you are feeling overwhelmed by it, and it will help your energy flow if you are feeling stuck or stagnant.

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