TN August Daily Draw Challenge (TNDDC)

I stumbled upon the Tarot Nerds Daily Draw Challenge on Instagram this morning while I was enjoying my cup of coffee and my daily reads.  Having never done something like this, I am pretty excited to give it a go!

I may not have time to do the challenge each day, but I will “catch up” as I can along the way.  I will be posting my pretty photos on my Insta (faerygardenmt) but any wordy writing will be here on my blog.  As many of us tend to do, I can write tomes … this may be good or bad, lol!

I will be using the Herbal Tarot deck by Michael Tierra & Candis Cantin ~ I love herbs and plants and I really enjoy the artwork on this deck.  I have not had a chance to actually use it much, so this is a good excuse to work with it more!

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