TNDDC Days 1 & 2

Day 1 – A theme for August (major arcana)

My card is X Medicine Wheel, Slippery Elm

“Ruled by Jupiter, the benevolent planet, the Medicine Wheel card depicts the cycles and turning points in our lives. The medicine wheel asks us to be open to changes, and, if we should lose our way, to move back to the center of the wheel where there is stability and spiritual nourishment.”

Affirmation: “Through all the changes that Life brings, I feel the center of stability which is within me.”

This card not only really resonates with me, but is so appropriate for this month.  I have many irons in many fires.  We are at the tail-end of our summer vacations and nearing the beginnings of the rush and bustle of the upcoming school year.  Between the home projects, garden projects, business projects, mundane-job-to-pay-bills projects, family-fun-time projects, and me-projects, I have already been feeling some chaotic energy.  This is a timely reminder to stay grounded in my center throughout this month.

Day 2 – Advice for August ( minors 2-10)

Four of Wands reversed, Fennel Seed

“Taking things too lightly. not using caution in the light of previous difficulties.” (reversed divinatory meaning)

This card is about taking care of tasks in an organized way so that you can have success through completion.  “Allow talents and skills to flow and be shared. Be unafraid to live up to your potential. allow your inner light to shine through.

As a creative person who has a million ideas flowing constantly and a tendency to start things nearly as quickly as I dream them up, but with hit&miss follow-through, this card really gave me a metaphorical smack upside the head, lol!  It is a good reminder to choose a few things I can reasonably accomplish, and then see them through, as I move through the chaos of August.

Affirmation: “I feel greater self-confidence by quietly recognizing my many gifts and accomplishments.”

[quotes are from the amazing guidebook that is available for this deck, and the little white book that came in the deck box.  For those who use herbs, the guidebook has extensive information on the use and preparation and dose of the herbs for each of the cards. ]




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