Lightworker Monthly oracle, July 2018

Greetings, Friends!

For our group oracle reading this month, we have card 35, Past Life Activation as our past, card 16, Dark Night of the Soul as our present, and card 3, Third Ray of Creative Intelligence as our future.

Because of our desires to grow in our spiritual powers and our consciousnesses, we have had past life materials activated which will benefit us and benefit the greater good. We may not recall these lives and talents consciously, but these seeds are awakening now within us.

This is a time of challenge, of our dearly-held ideas and beliefs being stripped away leaving us bare before the Divine in our forms of spirit. What we feel at this time is what we are meant to feel, and it will pass as we move more fully into our radiant relationship with the Divine.

The stage has been set for us to embrace the gifts of the Third Ray. Archangel Chamuel aids us in receiving this gift. We will have the support we need to manifest our inspired creativity into forms of practical spirituality.

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