Lightworker Monthly ~ May(2020)

The central theme for the month is #18, Ascension – The Rainbow Bridge. “The Rainbow Bridge is a term for the channel of light that moves through your chakra system and along your spine, allowing Spirit to enter your body and stimulate the development of your soul.” During this time you may find you need more rest and nourishment for your body, while your soul is doing intense work. A time of opening to new consciousness.

In support we have #15 (r), Grounding; and #28, Master Hilarion & Archangel Raphael. Remember to include daily grounding practices during this time. Ascended Master Hilarion & Archangel Raphael are ready to assist you with healing if you ask.

Lightworker Monthly ~ April

The central theme for the month is #20 (r), Life Path. It is time to stop avoiding the spiritual training for your life’s purpose. You are being shown your life’s purpose in small ways – open your eyes to these messages. Trust that knowledge will flow in the perfect time.

In support we have #42, Fifth Ray of Intellectual Knowledge; and #21, Spiritual Service. The Fifth Ray helps you find clarity and the information you need. Let go of self-doubt. Continuing giving of your spiritual service – it has been noticed and will continue to grow.

Lightworker Monthly ~ March

The central theme for the month is #11 (r), Messages in the Numbers. You are receiving messages from the Universe through the medium of numbers – take note of synchronicities surrounding numbers in your life to hear what it is you are being told. 1’s: beginnings, taking initiative 2’s: healing in relationships 3’s: a good time to learn & collaborate 4’s: angelic healing 5’s: changes & acceleration 6’s: abundance & love 7’s: healing & wisdom 8’s: step into humble leadership 9’s: blessings, compassion & ends of a cycle 0’s: wild card, amplifies other numbers, take note of numbers appearing alongside 0’s.

In support we have #3, Third Ray of Intelligence; and #5, Karmic Clearing. Practical spirituality, empowered manifestation, creativity; outgrowing old issues, releasing old wounds, the Universe is assisting in the process.

Lightworker Monthly ~ February

The central theme for the month is #29, The Pink Rose of Lady Nada. From the guidebook: “You are in the midst of a heart healing – a healing of the fears and anxieties that have held you back from enjoying your full magnificence. Lady Nada is here with all her gentle power, washing you in soft pink light. ”

In support we have #44 (r), Seventh Ray of Ritual, Order & Ceremony; and #1, First Ray of Power. The Seventh Ray helps transmute energy into a higher frequency. A great spiritual cleansing is taking place. A time to balance attachment to the old with space for the new. The First Ray is conscious destruction – as well as energetically supporting your innate leadership and willpower. Use this energy for good, helping clear away the old and bringing in the new.