Lightworker Monthly oracle, November 2018

Greetings, Friends!

For our group oracle reading this month, we have card 15, Grounding as our past, card 39, Divine Talents as our present, and card 40, Orbs of Light as our future.

“You are meant to bring joy, beauty and comfort to this world, to share the spiritual light.” Without being mindful of our connection between body, mind and spirit, and regularly grounding ourselves into our reality, we simply wish and dream. We are meant to brings our gifts to life, and have been learning to join our aspects of self into a whole so that we can do so.

As talented eternal souls, we have so many talents. These are unique to each of us, and manifest to each of us throughout many lifetimes. In the now, do not be afraid to explore what is uniquely you, what you have to offer, and ways in which you can do so. Most of all, do not be afraid to take the next step, that of using your talents!

Be open to the messages being delivered to you from the spiritual worlds. You may have the impression that it is your own mind and thoughts, while it actually is a message from your higher self or other unconditionally loving beings. You can be assured that you will know it is the message for you when it answers your question and following the guidance given leads to increasing your happiness.

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