Lightworker Monthly oracle, December 2018

Greetings, Friends!

For our group oracle reading this month, we have card 13, Trust in the Plan as our past, card 30, Dark Angel as our present, and card 5, Karmic Clearing as our future.

The chaos and disorder which accompanies times of radical growth can feel alarming. Like everything is going wrong. Trust in the dismantling of the old, and the opening for the way of the new, the process goes at the pace it goes. It may feel as though you have a problem to solve, but you do not. Simply trust that all is well, have faith, the next chapter in your life is about to unfold.

Whoa, trusting in the cosmic Plan when all feels like chaos can be scary and feel lonesome. Dark Angel is here to let you know you are never alone, and that always, without exception, Divine Love is there for you. During this time of struggle, there is a gift of light, love and divine grace that is helping your through this process.

The period of transformation is continuing, but the love and heart of the Divine is with you, as it has always been. As your karmic clearing is taking place, and your are letting go of attachments to past forms of struggles and wounds, you are moving into a new place of consciousness. As you move further into this new level, the old issues will lessen their grip and you will be able to release them for good. This is the time to examine things you have been holding on to, and release their hold on you.

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