Lightworker Monthly oracle, January 2019

Greetings, Friends!

For our group oracle reading this month, we have card 18, Ascension – the Rainbow Bridge as our past, card 31, Alchemical Mutation as our present, and card 6, Fourth Ray of Harmony as our future.

You have been going through a period of expansion – your spiritual love is becoming more unconditional, and more light is flowing into you, your physical body, your chakras, your aura. This energetic level of expansion happens at a psychic level and as you work to integrate it into your whole being, your physical body may need more self-care.

You are transforming and becoming your destiny. This growth awakens new energies and talents. You know they are part of your divine destiny as they bring you great joy and satisfaction.

The Fourth Ray of Harmony, with Archangel Gabriel at your side to aid you, brings balance into your life as you close this lengthy cycle of transformation and spiritual initiation. Use the negative things, conflicts, you experience as fuel and energy to transform continuously, to manifest something beautiful and positive.

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