Lightworker Monthly oracle, February 2019

Greetings, Friends!

For our group oracle reading this month, we have card 36, Reassurance of the Golden Light as our past, card 7, Unplug from Mass Consciousness as our present, and card 4, Paradigm Shift as our future.

“When the Golden Light appears, it is a sign that everything in your life, even the most troubling matters, is going to work out perfectly.” This card is basically just a great big hug of reassurance from the Divine.

Let go of the reality based in fear, doubt and distrust. Ignore the voices of doubt, those who discourage you from living your light and speaking your truth. Let your soul have space for expansion by rejecting these limiting paradigms.

Your belief systems are going through some big changes and challenges. Moments of instant clarity can happen, as well as sudden leaps forward in your growth and progress. An unexpected door to a new reality may burst open and invite you to step through.

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