Lightworker Monthly oracle, April 2019

Greetings, Friends!

For our group oracle reading this month, we have card 25, Merkaba Spiritual Protection as our past, card 11, 11.11 Messages in the Numbers as our present, and card 2, Second Ray of Wisdom as our future.

If you have not been going through a spiritual and physical decluttering and clearing away of energy, now is a good time to do so. Let go of the feelings and thoughts which no longer serve you, as well as those that belong to others. The newly opened space becomes a container of divine expansion within you. Be open to receiving this divine aid and empowerment.

Open your eyes to the number patterns in your world. There are healing number frequencies regularly transmitted from the intelligent beings in the universe. What signs do you see? Look, listen, make note of recurring numbers and allow your mind to absorb and understand the Universe’s message to you.

The Second Ray of Wisdom is here to energize, amplify and empower you to do your life’s work. The Buddha is here to assist us in making full use of this opportunity before us – that of healing, of the power of love, of restoration of spirit, and the light of ancient wisdom.

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