Lightworker Monthly ~ March

The central theme for the month is #11 (r), Messages in the Numbers. You are receiving messages from the Universe through the medium of numbers – take note of synchronicities surrounding numbers in your life to hear what it is you are being told. 1’s: beginnings, taking initiative 2’s: healing in relationships 3’s: a good time to learn & collaborate 4’s: angelic healing 5’s: changes & acceleration 6’s: abundance & love 7’s: healing & wisdom 8’s: step into humble leadership 9’s: blessings, compassion & ends of a cycle 0’s: wild card, amplifies other numbers, take note of numbers appearing alongside 0’s.

In support we have #3, Third Ray of Intelligence; and #5, Karmic Clearing. Practical spirituality, empowered manifestation, creativity; outgrowing old issues, releasing old wounds, the Universe is assisting in the process.

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