Group Reiki sessions for 2021

Over the course of 2020 I spent a lot of time in reflection, as has everyone.  One of the areas I mulled over is that of my Reiki practice.  I absolutely love helping others on their wellness journey!

I have decided to offer the group sessions with each of the phases of the Moon, not just the New Moon.  The individual cost will be $7 per client.  Many sessions there are only one or two people signed up.  You have very good odds of essentially getting a private session for an amazing price, actually.  I do not know why people hesitate to sign up for it, but they do.  Everyone involved gets the same amount of Reiki as those who have a private session.  Reiki energy is AMAZING that way!

These are the dates for the rest of 2021.  I will endeavor to remember to post a note near the beginning of each month with that month’s dates so that people won’t need to hunt through the blog posts.  (I have more blog projects lined up, hopefully rolling out soon/2nd quarter).


February:  Saturday the 27th

March: Friday the 5th, Saturday the 13th, Sunday the 21st, Sunday the 28th

April: Sunday the 4th, Sunday the 11th, Tuesday the 20th, Monday the 26th

May: Monday the 3rd, Tuesday the 11th, Wednesday the 19th, Wednesday the 26th

June: Wednesday the 2nd, Thursday the 10th, Thursday the 17th, Thursday the 24th

July: Thursday the 1st, Friday the 9th, Saturday the 17th, Friday the 23rd, Saturday the 31st

August: Sunday the 8th, Sunday the 15th, Sunday the 22nd, Monday the 30th

September: Monday the 6th, Monday the 13th, Monday the 20th, Tuesday the 28th

October: Wednesday the 6th, Tuesday the 12th, Wednesday the 20th, Thursday the 28th

November: Thursday the 4th, Thursday the 11th, Friday the 19th, Saturday the 27th

December: Saturday the 4th, Friday the 10th, Saturday the 18th, Sunday the 26th

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