Group Reiki sessions for March

March: Friday the 5th, Saturday the 13th, Sunday the 21st, Sunday the 28th

Over the course of 2020 I spent a lot of time in reflection, as has everyone.  One of the areas I mulled over is that of my Reiki practice.  I absolutely love helping others on their wellness journey!

I have decided to offer the group sessions with each of the phases of the Moon, not just the New Moon.  The individual cost will be $7 per client.  Many sessions there are only one or two people signed up.  You have very good odds of essentially getting a private session for an amazing price, actually.  I do not know why people hesitate to sign up for it, but they do.  Everyone involved gets the same amount of Reiki as those who have a private session.  Reiki energy is AMAZING that way!


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