Site renovations

Exciting times in my life!  I have decided to separate out the various things I do and products I sell into more than one location.  It has been a bit of a muddle having everything under Faery Garden.  It may look a little chaotic around here for a bit.

What can you expect?

Faery Garden will have a focus on divination – readings and posts on tarot, oracle, runes, pendulum, whatever takes my fancy.  I will also be offering (in my Etsy shop Faery Garden for now) readings;  as well as an assortment of various handmade craft goods and some digital downloadable content.  Once our global shipping / postal issues are a little less unpredictable I will resume offering tangible items for purchase.  The shipping and import rules are super confusing, so for now I will only be selling tangible goods in the US.  Things seem to be looking up here & there so I am hopeful it will not be much longer.

I am in the process of establishing another space for more witchy specific topics and will link that when it is up & running.

How long will this all take?  Well, that’s a million dollar question, ha!  I have multiple commitments outside of my business, so it will take as long as it takes.  Being a one-woman shop on a shoe-string, I do my work myself.  My tentative goal for having the online framework completed is the beginning of July (2021).  I have to take one set of inter-connected sites/social media accounts, and sort them into various sites and decide what social media sectors can be all-inclusive, and if I need to break out any into  different accounts; and then make sure everything hooks in and links all around properly.  You would not believe the amount of lists and flow-chart bubbles I currently have. lol

If you have read all this, thank you!  I hope you stick around and follow whichever pages meet your needs.



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