Reiki Oracle review

The Reiki Oracle Deck & Guidebook by Claudette Knox & Gena Wilson (illustrated by Maureen Wolford) is the subject of today’s quick deck review.

This deck made its way into my collection as I was interested in how they were intersecting the art of Oracle with the practice of Reiki.

My version of the deck came in a sturdy box, 33 cards printed on decent quality cardstock, and a small guidebook. The artwork is consistent in style throughout the deck.

As an oracle, I personally find it a bit fussy if you follow the guidelines on how to go about using it as a Life Force Energy Spread (quite a complex little system they have put together). If you enjoy exploring new approaches to the interplay between cards across various oracle systems, you will really enjoy this one.  The explanations and meanings that go with each card are well suited to giving one something to think about and some insight on direction one can take. I would be more likely to use this deck as a meditation or journal prompt device, rather than as an Oracle to visit for divination purposes.  An additional interesting note about this deck is that the creators have infused it with Reiki energy.

Overall, it is an interesting deck and one I would recommend for those interested in Reiki and/or healing.

Reiki Oracle by Claudette Knox & Gena Wilson

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