all the flurries of activity

I’ve not been updating here for quite some time.  The creative process takes time to percolate and fill the cup.  You can look forward to more regular posts, both blog articles and card readings.  I am also developing a resources section which one may find useful.  For now there are sub-categories for Divination tools; Library; Altar tools; Potions and brews; Clothing; and Growing Things.  I may add more in the future (craft supplies is suddenly coming to mind).

I’ve had decades to acquire, use, discard, practice, re-acquire, re-purpose, learn and grow.  It will take me quite a while to flesh out these resource pages.  As I mention on each of the sections, I do participate in Amazon Affiliates – but no one is ever expected to use those links to acquire items they are interested in.  I appreciate it whole-heartedly when you do!  While people can run businesses and websites on shoe-strings, I chose a platform that does incur hundreds of dollars in basic costs per year.  I prefer having more direct personal control over my site and my content.  Every little bit helps off-set that.  Thank you in advance for any links clicks & purchases made!

As we move through the shifting seasons, I hope for you that your health & contentment increase and your overall situation improves.  Blessings!


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