The Guardian at the Gate

From the Faeries’ Oracle we are looking at The Guardian at the Gate, one of the Singers of the Realms (angels, guides, guardians, always present with us ready to aid when we ask)



“Passages to new life. Openings. Gatekeeping.”

This card is about movement through and from one state to another; one process to another.  When we are in a positive space, we are looking at the possibility of new opportunities, journeys beginning, and the start of a significant change in our lives.  Irrevocable change. Definitely ask the Guardian for guidance in this journey.

We could be looking at a more negative view of this card as well – that of a closed gate – trying to do things we aren’t ready for, or things we aren’t meant to do.  If you feel blocked, what steps do you need to take? Do you have unfinished business? Perhaps the gate really is open and you are afraid to make that move – again, ask for guidance from the Guardian, and spend time in thought.

Either way, it is a time of change.

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