The Guardian at the Gate

From the Faeries’ Oracle we are looking at The Guardian at the Gate, one of the Singers of the Realms (angels, guides, guardians, always present with us ready to aid when we ask)



“Passages to new life. Openings. Gatekeeping.”

This card is about movement through and from one state to another; one process to another.  When we are in a positive space, we are looking at the possibility of new opportunities, journeys beginning, and the start of a significant change in our lives.  Irrevocable change. Definitely ask the Guardian for guidance in this journey.

We could be looking at a more negative view of this card as well – that of a closed gate – trying to do things we aren’t ready for, or things we aren’t meant to do.  If you feel blocked, what steps do you need to take? Do you have unfinished business? Perhaps the gate really is open and you are afraid to make that move – again, ask for guidance from the Guardian, and spend time in thought.

Either way, it is a time of change.

Love is in the Air ~ Oracle reading

Hello lovely people.  Today I have for you an oracle reading for the season of love, a time that for many gets compressed into a single day – a day of anticipation, dread, expectation, let-down, joy.. so many outcomes people desire all heaped on this one day.

Rather than focus on that, this reading is intended to offer you, the reader, a gentle reminder, a nudge in a healthy direction, a bit of contemplation, the opportunity to consider where your boundaries between what is you, and what is other, really exist.

I have drawn 3 cards today, one each from the Faeries’ oracle, the Water Crystal oracle, and the Botanical Inspirations deck.  As always, within sacred space and intention for useful communication.


The Faery Godmother is our first card – she is about lessons.  A lesson of learning to give and receive unconditionally; a lesson on opening our hearts to love and acceptance; a lesson in passing on kindnesses we have received to others.  Surrounded as we are at the moment (at least in many of our cultures) with Valentine’s Day advertising and product everywhere, that bit about unconditional giving & receiving is especially timely.   For any of us who have been hurt in the past, or suffered loss of various types, opening our hearts to love, or even to acceptance, may be hard, scary, unimaginable.  Give it some thought, journal about it.  And if you cannot think of a kindness you have received, think about one you wish you would – and find a way in which you can do that for another.  Get that energy in motion, flowing, moving, growing.

Tuberose is our second card – this flower is about knowing yourself, allowing yourself to see the part of you which you consider wild.  Quote: “There are times to be restrained and there are moments when your wild, sensual side yearns to be expressed.  If you never take risks and allow yourself a few ‘dangerous pleasures’ you will never discover your own true colors.”  As you think about what it is about you that is wild, dangerous, sensual – ask yourself if there are any steps you can take in which to explore those elements.  Consider before actually leaping, that it is probably not in your better interests to break the law or to break your personal moral code.   What is “wild”?  What is “sensual”?  What, to you, are “dangerous pleasures”?

Our third and final card is the water crystal “Water of Lourdes”, love.  This card comes with two thoughts – the first, which goes with all of the healing cards in the deck, is “remember that to love yourself is to love and thank all of existence”.  And the second, which is particular to this card, is “Filled with the love and appreciation energy of the Mother Mary, this water is said to help heal negative emotions.”    In healing our soul hurts, we become more able to heal our hearts and to truly love ourselves.  Our whole selves.

I sincerely wish for you that this reading has given you not only food for thought, but inspiration for actionable things you can do this season on your soul journey of love.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you, and may you have a blessed Season of Love!

Good Morning, Monday! #63, Indi

Well my summer got away from me a little bit this past couple of weeks, but we are back on track today!

Today’s Marvelous Monday card is Indi, one of the ‘challenger’ faery in this oracle.  They challenge us to move past obstacles that have been blocking us.

Indi challenges us to stop being a victim of our own indecision and hesitancy to make commitments.  As we move into this week, let’s embrace making up our minds, choosing a deadline, and moving forward to completion of those commitments.



He of the Fiery Sword

#4 He of the Fiery Sword

action, will, movement, force, fire.  Active principle.

“a time to take action based on clear spiritual will. great strength & potential for good.”

Burst forth into your week, even if it requires determination – there is plenty of energy  available for us to move onto the next level.