The Goddess Tarot deck review

by Kris Waldherr

This deck was one of the first I purchased several decades ago.  I was quite excited to have a female focused deck, especially one focusing on the Goddess.  As someone completely unfamiliar with the Tarot, this deck was confusing and difficult to work with so I set it aside.  Several years ago, I picked it up again and found it physically cumbersome to shuffle, so since I didn’t have an emotional attachment to it, I attacked it with my paper crafting tools and trimmed & edged it.  It is definitely more manageable now!

This deck uses goddesses as the focus for the Major Arcana.  One of the nice things about it is that there are representations of goddesses from across the globe, and not just western Europe.  This deck was definitely ahead of its time in its inclusiveness.

The Court Cards have a good  balance of masculine and feminine representation.

The Minors have visual representation for their numerical value but each card has its own artwork as well.  I find this useful in learning meanings in a deck and getting a feel for how the whole thing fits together.


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