Water Crystal Oracle deck review

by Dr. Masaru Emoto

Dr. Masaru Emoto is the author of “The Hidden Messages in Water”, a book that covers his amazing insights into how our energy and intentions affect the world around us.  This deck is a companion of sorts to that work.

In his words:

I have had many requests from my readers to make posters and photos of the water crystals I have discovered. I have chosen to create an oracle of cards of my water crystal photographs so that my readers can use them for practical purposes in their lives.

The book has a set of suggestions for how to use the cards, from focused daily meditations to infusing water with energy.  The deck of cards is sorted into four categories.

There are Healing cards with associated musical selections noted in the booklet.  There are Power cards which are meant to be used to amplify or honor things in your life.  There are Wisdom cards, to focus on and expand those qualities within yourself and your life.  And finally there are Earth cards, to help us help the world around us, nature herself.


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