Star Temple Oracle deck review

by Suzy Cherub

The Star Temple Oracle is a 44 card deck.  The cards are assigned to stars – each star has attributes that go with it, such as which chakra it governs and a crystal.  History, mythology and archetype are also included for each star.

Each star gets 6 cards in its governance, with the exception of Atlas & Pleione which have just two- Father of the Sky and Mother of the Sea.  These individual cards include a keyword, a mantra, a set of ‘star words’, and a divinatory meaning.

There is a wide ethnic diversity in the representation in this deck, and an attempt at a range of ages.  If you are looking for gender and body-type inclusion, this deck may not be a great fit for you.

Personally, I love the art.  The combination of stars and divination is done well and the result is a deck that can be used in healing journeys and self-improvement journaling with ease.

Star Temple Oracle by Suzy Cherub

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