The Green Witch Tarot deck review

Green Witch Tarot by Ann Moura

This is a lovely witchy deck for pagan practitioners especially.  The companion book is 239 pages with black & white images of each card, extensive descriptions and meanings for each card, and a lined page for notes for each card.

The Major Arcana follows the rider waite loosely.  The cards themselves represent various themes and beings associated with witchcraft.

People on the court cards are represented visually by age.  I feel this deck has done an especially good job of that – in many decks the people all look to be within just a decade or two of life.

The Minors have individual artwork – if you like pip decks this one won’t be for you.

Each card in this deck has a narrative style story to go with it, so you won’t be left wondering what the author intended by the art.  If you just want to get straight to the simple keywords and meanings, each card also has Meanings, Reversed, and Prompt words.

I would recommend this without hesitation to anyone coming from a Wiccan type practice.

Green Witch Tarot by Ann Moura (click here for Amazon purchase)

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