Apprentice Tarot Deck review

by Jody Boginski Barbessi

The Apprentice Tarot combines traditional Waite symbolism and imagery, with a flashcards concept.  If you are just learning tarot, or struggle with memorization, this deck is a valuable resource.  Every card has its meanings printed ON the card itself.  The Majors have keywords for upright and reversed meanings.  The Minors have keywords for upright and reversed meanings; as well as keywords for both suits and numbers (example, Knights, Pages, Cups, Fives.. )

This is a standard sized US Games deck, so it is easy to hold in the hand as well as shuffle.  Given that all of the meanings are printed on the cards, the guidebook (little white book) focuses on the mechanics of Tarot.  It covers what tarot is; the major and minor arcana; what is on each card and what it is for (such as card title, suit keywords); tips on how to get to know the cards; reversed meanings; reading tarot; spreads; reading for others; and a few tips and tricks scattered throughout.  For a little booklet it’s actually packed with a lot of information useful for beginners (or anyone wishing to refresh themselves on the basics).

This is such a useful little deck that I would recommend anyone involved with Tarot to own a copy.


Apprentice Tarot (Universal Waite) by Jody Boginski Barbessi

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