Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Oracle deck review

by Kim Krans

This oracle deck has superb artwork and a lot of iridescence.  If you enjoy animals this is a deck for you!  The substantial guidebook has a lot of information about the deck, spreads you can use, and extensive information for each card.

The Five Elements are represented throughout this deck: spirit, air, fire, water, earth.

Spirit- creatures of the ether; air- creatures of the sky; fire- creatures of the desert & grasslands; water- creatures of the oceans, rivers & lakes; earth- creatures of the field & forest

Each card has the name, symbol, keywords, an explanation, and suggestions for what it looks like when it is in/out of balance and what to do to bring it into balance.

Overall, it is a beautiful deck and one that may appeal to you.


The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit by Kim Krans

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