The Hobbit Tarot deck review

The Hobbit Tarot by Peter Pracownik & Terry Donaldson

In this deck, the heroic journey of Bilbo Baggins is blended with the journey through the tarot.  A familiarity with the work of Tolkien will greatly aid the reader in using this deck.  Every card has its own illustration (not a pip deck).

Fortunately, the guide book which comes with the deck is fairly substantial, and the story behind each of the card illustrations is included.

The artwork is quite gentle – it actually reminds me a bit of some of the better illustrated children’s books. The only read downside to this deck is that it is not currently in print.  There are a few copies available through Amazon, and perhaps on other sites such as etsy or ebay.  Please do use caution when purchasing such decks and make sure the seller has a high quality rating.


The Hobbit Tarot by Peter Pracownik & Terry Donaldson (click here for Amazon purchase)

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