Botanical Inspirations deck review

by Lynn Araujo

I simply adore this deck.  As a person who loves flowers, every single card is delightful! The deck comes in a nice sturdy box with a pull-ribbon to easily remove your cards.  You get not only the cards and a guidebook (99 pages), but a trifold cheat sheet of the Language of Flowers.

Each card comes with the flower name and the scientific name, the symbolism, and a quote, printed on it.

The guidebook gives you a lot of interesting information about each flower – history, literature, lore, legend, religion are just some possibilities of what may be included with each one.  Additionally, each card has an inspirational message.

example, Honeysuckle “Bring your best self to the relationships that are the closest to your heart. Even the well-established bonds of affection still need mindful tending to thrive. Thoughtfulness, support and kind words go a long way toward maintaining a happy home life.”

Botanical Inspirations by Lynn Araujo

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