Kuan Yin Oracle deck review

by Alana Fairchild

This is a beautiful oracle deck.  I felt it important to include some of the ‘about the author’ information.

Zeng Hao is a gifted young painter with a deep love for ancient Chinese culture. … Born in the city Zigong of Sichuan province .. later attended the Sichuan Art College.  When Zeng Hao first visited Dunhuang, an ancient and once important city whose name means “brilliant and magnificent”, to observe and study Dunhuang art he was amazed and inspired by the beauty and splendour of the art in the Mogao Cave. …. Zeng Hao talks about a tranquil, peaceful and romantic paradise that exists deep in his heart and feels the Dunhuang Goddess is a real goddess that exists inside his heart — she is the embodiment of pure truth, goodness and beauty.

I apologize for the color tint in these images – the cards do not have a red cast to them.

This deck comes in a sturdy box, has large cards (flexible enough to shuffle fairly easily), and a good guidebook (143 pages).

The guidebook has an oracular explanation for each card as well as a longer commentary.  You also get a healing meditation exercise with each card and a prayer.

It does bear mentioning that about a quarter of the deck has exposed chests.  This is problematic for some individuals.  I hasten to say that all of the art is very tasteful and beautiful – there is nothing lewd about this deck.

Kuan Yin Oracle by Alana Fairchild

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