The Witching Hour Oracle deck review

The Witching Hour Oracle by Cherie Gerhardt

This oracle deck is built around the cycles of the moon and the different moons throughout the course of a year.  It is designed in a way that works well with those following a neo-pagan path.

The deck comes in a sturdy box with a small book.  The book goes over the 13 moons, in their waxing, full and waning phases (corresponding with Maiden, Mother, and Crone).  Included are a couple of spreads.

There is a little information for each of the moons (some of the moons are Wolf, Ice, Crow, Blue).

Each card has a keyword, and a little bit about how that moon/phase relates with that card.  Additionally, each card comes with information about what it means in a divinatory manner.  “Drawing the ___ Card”.

The artwork is quite lovely and the people represented are diverse.  We can see people of various ages, genders, and body types represented.  Refreshing to see!

The Witching Hour Oracle by Cherie Gerhardt

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