I awoke this morning to cooler temperatures (albeit not actually cool weather) but quite smoky in the air.  Living in Montana means wildfires and this year has been quite brutal.  I am blessed to be nowhere near the raging fires but smoke carries quite far on the winds.

Anyhow, Tuesdays I will be featuring a card from the Botanical Inspirations deck (by Lynn Araujo), some chatter about tea or coffee or what-have-you, and whatever whimsy might pop into my head.

Today I’m sipping hot coffee – nothing terribly fancy, just a blend of a random medium roast bean and a scoop of the chicory coffee I came across at the grocery.  Something about the heaviness in the air seemed to call for coffee.

So the card I have drawn today is Hydrangea.  The blossom on the card is a gorgeous mix of pale to medium pinks.  So lovely!  I have never grown this plant.  It seems like the sort of thing one would find in a Miss Marple murder mystery – a garden border full of hydrangeas being trimmed or tied up or something as sinister deeds are afoot in the manor house.

This card has nothing to do with sinister deeds in a murder mystery… haha!  It is actually speaking to having gratitude.  The key phrase on the card is “Thankfulness for Understanding”.   This ties in well with the card yesterday – one way to let more joy into your life is to let go of the emotions you are tied to other people with – to forgive and let go so those energies aren’t weighing you down any longer.

Scott Cunningham, in his Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs, notes that hydrangea is not recommended for internal use.  So, don’t make tea with this!  He lists the bark of hydrangea as being useful for breaking hexes – and maybe just maybe, if you’re having a hard time letting go of an issue that is weighing on your mind, you could use it to assist with “breaking ties” with that emotional energy.   Make up a little pouch or amulet with a bit of bark and carry in your pocket perhaps.  I would think even a bit of the skin on the stems of cut hydrangeas would do, if you are like me and have no hydrangea bark in your witchy cupboard.

Words like “soft” “lush” “delicate” “velvety” come to mind as I browse images of hydrangeas in bloom.  A welcome diversion on a hot dry July morning.


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