A Collective of Pixies

With the beginning of the waxing of the moon and the start of a new week, I thought it might be nice to revitalize the blog with various card readings.  The first of these new series is Marvelous Mondays.  I’ll be using the Faeries’ Oracle by Brian Froud/Jessica MacBeth for this weekly treat.  Marvelous Mondays beginning next week should be posted by 9am GMT each Monday.

These readings are for whomever may stumble upon them.  What might the faery like to say to us this week?  *shuffle*

#48  A Collective of Pixies

On this card we see several slender faeries, some with arms and hands raised upwards, fingertips glowing with light, dancing away.

Your attitude is within your sphere of control – go into this week with joy and a light heart, bringing cooperative energy to all that you do.  Really enjoy it, and if life presents tough situations which make joy seem impossible, remember that you do not have to think miserably just because life is being miserable.   You have the choice.  Approach your duties with cheer, dump those rocks out of your pockets that are weighing you down, and as you move through your Monday and on into the week, dance, dance, dance!

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