Lightworker Monthly ~ September

The central theme for the month is # 22, Initiation by Fire. This is a transformative cleansing period of time. Allow the process of cleansing, renewal and change to happen, trusting in the Divine to assist in guiding you through love to a new self.

In support we have #38 (r), Earth Healing; and #43, Sixth Ray of Devotion. You may have been resisting your call to the path of healer and healing, blocking out the voice of the Earth. Earth is here to support us in our life purpose, and as we embrace light, love and healing, so we also help support the Earth. Archangel Uriel brings healing energy and aids in our being able to truly affect the world. The Sixth Ray supports our focus – the caution is to maintain awareness of other people’s authentic paths not needing to be the same as our own.

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