Mid Month Heart Balance

This month we are playing with perspective. How we navigate through our day, week, month stems from the perspective we have. Are we making assumptions about a situation, someone else’s thoughts, an outcome for a project? Are our thoughts and emotions helping us with our goals or creating blocks? Even when life is running smoothly, shifting our perspective is beneficial – on the one hand it can affirm the positives we have, on the other hand it can give us insight on what isn’t working for us.

If you have areas you want to change, shift your perspective on it. Instead of letting your brain run away with all the reasons and ways it can’t change or won’t work, get creative and focus on the ways in which it can. No matter how far-fetched they seem or are, make a list anyway. Look for the blessing in the chaos, let go of the worry that keeps you from getting into motion, apply kindness and compassion to your work, and be real with yourself.

This month’s inspiration comes from Hawk, “watchful, all-seeing, messenger of divinity”. Remember to look for the small details as well as the big picture. Every little step you take creates a shift in your journey. One small change ripples out in unimaginable bigger ways. Look to your goals and ask yourself what can you change this month, what small detail seems out of place or is missing, that moves you closer to where you want to be in a month, a year, five years.

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