Mid Month Heart Balance

Our theme for this month is that of being creative with our words, and taking that time for ourselves alone that allows this creativity to flow.

If you have been feeling out of balance, short-tempered, a lack of focus or vision, now is the time to prioritize yourself. We are surrounded by obligations and demands of others, more or less so depending on our circumstances. However, pause and let go of the tension, breathing in gratitude for the opportunity before you.

Where in your life can you make time for yourself? Even five minutes a day to sit with your breathing will aid you in finding that creative center. The Swan, however, is not suggesting we skip across the surface of creativity – instead Swan asks of us that we spend time alone, away from distractions, with something to write on and something to write with, and simply … be creative.

If you feel stuck for how to begin, or what to do, jot down 10 random words – maybe flip through a book or magazine, or click the random results for a web search on a topic that interests you. Rearrange the words into shapes, use the words in a short story, or a poem. You may find that your mind takes you in another direction entirely – go with the flow.

You may not feel as graceful as Swan, do not let that stop you. You’ve got this!

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