Wellness Wednesday

Nurture a relationship. Our connections with others add vitality to our lives – for us, and for the other person too. Our way of living in our current era is geared towards being busy, to being always available for all people (including employers, friends, family, social organizations). This always-on, always-open, approach has taken away the larger blocks of time that many people used for summertime picnics or playing card games with friends. It is not realistic for most of us to attempt to live in the 1950s; but we can make a conscious effort to leave ourselves some flexible time in order to meet up with friends. Getting together in person is great – but that too may not be feasible for you. Make an appointment in your planner, even 10 minutes a day, that you use solely to make a quick phone call to a relative, or send an e-card with a thoughtful note to an old friend, set reminders for important dates such as birthdays, with enough lead-time that you can send a card, or a gift they would appreciate, or arrangements for a celebration activity. If we do not make the time, the time does not magically make itself.

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