etsy shop updates! 2022 Witches Wheel reading now available!

I have been updating my Etsy shop.

The digital download offerings have been expanded. You will find alphabets, journal/study guides for card readings, planners for holiday rituals, blank astrology charts, eye exercises, decorative/informative pages for journals/BOS.  A little bit of a lot of things.  And more to come!  It just takes time to sketch, ink & sometimes color the hard copies, and get them ready for listing.

I have added tarot & oracle readings.  ( Witches Wheel Year Ahead spread for 2022 is now available – get yours sooner rather than later if you would like this useful set of readings, as I am only able to fit in a small number each fall.)

Also, customers in the US can now purchase physical items.  The shipping situation seems to have stabilized, so while transit times are out of my control, at least I feel confident that customers will receive their purchases!  You will find pentacles, aromatherapy/dream pillows, jewelry, needlework supplies, amulets, etc.


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