Masonic Tarot deck review

Masonic Tarot by Patricio Diaz Silva

This tarot deck is rich in Masonic symbolism and imagery.  The quality of the deck is quite good; with a sturdy storage box, 128 page mini book, and of course the cards themselves.  The glossy cards are stiff enough to shuffle with ease but not flimsy.


This is a pip deck, which bears mentioning as the card meanings in this deck have been presented from an esoteric Masonic journey perspective.  Therefore, using the guidebook along with layouts when doing readings is probably advisable.

“The structure of this tarot organizes the deck in 22 Major Arcana cards and 56 Minor Arcana cards and is based on the four elements of alchemy: earth, water, fire, and air.”

The suits in this deck are Mallets, Chalices, Gold, and Swords.  The Major Arcana cards all have attributes for “arcane classifications”, “element”, and “vital projection”.

There is a lot of complexity in this deck, and I have not worked with it for readings at this point in time.  I had the opportunity to add it to my collection so I did, and in the future it will be curious to see how it speaks when I do use it.

Masonic Tarot by Patricio Diaz Silva

The Chicken Transition Oracle deck review

The Chicken Transition Oracle by Shauni Redfearn

Did you say chicken? Why yes, yes I did.  This is an amazing little oracle deck from Shauni Redfearn.  It comes with 30 cards and  a guidebook that offers much wisdom, how to use the cards, spreads/layouts, a memory page for some of her chickens & feathered friends, just quite a lot packed into 64 pages of little book.


Harmonious Tarot deck review

Harmonious Tarot – Lo Scarabeo

This version of the Harmonious Tarot is a sweet little pocket/mini deck.  It is easy to carry in one’s purse or bookbag.  The art is pleasant with a lot of vegetation and floral touches.

It comes with a pamphlet which has brief keywords for each of the cards.  As well as the Magic Triangle layout.

Each card has its own artwork, which I tend to prefer.

All in all, this is a deck I find convenient to travel with given its size.  For anyone who has difficulty shuffling the very large cards many decks seem to have these days, this deck is very easy to handle.


Kuan Yin Oracle deck review

by Alana Fairchild

This is a beautiful oracle deck.  I felt it important to include some of the ‘about the author’ information.

Zeng Hao is a gifted young painter with a deep love for ancient Chinese culture. … Born in the city Zigong of Sichuan province .. later attended the Sichuan Art College.  When Zeng Hao first visited Dunhuang, an ancient and once important city whose name means “brilliant and magnificent”, to observe and study Dunhuang art he was amazed and inspired by the beauty and splendour of the art in the Mogao Cave. …. Zeng Hao talks about a tranquil, peaceful and romantic paradise that exists deep in his heart and feels the Dunhuang Goddess is a real goddess that exists inside his heart — she is the embodiment of pure truth, goodness and beauty.

I apologize for the color tint in these images – the cards do not have a red cast to them.

This deck comes in a sturdy box, has large cards (flexible enough to shuffle fairly easily), and a good guidebook (143 pages).

The guidebook has an oracular explanation for each card as well as a longer commentary.  You also get a healing meditation exercise with each card and a prayer.

It does bear mentioning that about a quarter of the deck has exposed chests.  This is problematic for some individuals.  I hasten to say that all of the art is very tasteful and beautiful – there is nothing lewd about this deck.

Kuan Yin Oracle by Alana Fairchild