Mudras for awakening the five elements, deck review

Mudras for Awakening the Five Elements by Alison DeNicola

I recently purchased this fun colorful deck.  There are 40 cards and a 140 page guide book.  The guide book goes over ways in which to use the deck; information about the elements; background & history of mudras; and more.

Depending on which section of cards you are looking at, each card in a section has extensive information in the book – covering such things as yoga poses, elements, symbols, what it rules, how it assists, instructions, how to practice.  You will not be left wondering what to do with a card you pull.

This has been a positive addition to my weekly practice.


Mudras for Awakening the Five Elements by Alison DeNicola

The Hobbit Tarot deck review

The Hobbit Tarot by Peter Pracownik & Terry Donaldson

In this deck, the heroic journey of Bilbo Baggins is blended with the journey through the tarot.  A familiarity with the work of Tolkien will greatly aid the reader in using this deck.  Every card has its own illustration (not a pip deck).

Fortunately, the guide book which comes with the deck is fairly substantial, and the story behind each of the card illustrations is included.

The artwork is quite gentle – it actually reminds me a bit of some of the better illustrated children’s books. The only read downside to this deck is that it is not currently in print.  There are a few copies available through Amazon, and perhaps on other sites such as etsy or ebay.  Please do use caution when purchasing such decks and make sure the seller has a high quality rating.


The Hobbit Tarot by Peter Pracownik & Terry Donaldson

Oracle of Echoes deck review

Oracle of Echoes by Ana Cristina Tourian

This is a beautiful watercolor oracle deck.  Ana has created a very intuitive oracle – and while you can print your own copy of a guidebook for the deck, I have found it is not necessary in order to use the deck.

Each card has a title printed on it, which can serve as an intuitive prompt.  If you like working with a little more to go on, the guidebook does offer insights for each card.

You will find a wide array of ideas and emotions represented; and at the back of the guidebook are a couple of spreads you can do.  I always highly recommend Ana’s work – she is extremely talented and a sense of depth and magic come through in her art.


Oracle of Echoes by Ana Cristina Tourian

The Rider Tarot Deck review

Rider Waite Tarot conceived by Arthur Edward Waite

This is probably the most ubiquitous tarot deck out there.  Many decks mimic the artwork and concepts for the cards.  This deck has very bold and vivid colors.  Some people find them to be garish.

The booklet which comes with the cards has a bit of history of tarot; the Celtic Cross spread; and brief meanings for each of the cards.

This is a good deck for readers to have in their collection as it has been the basis for so much of contemporary tarot.  The editions carried by US Games are very easy to shuffle.  The deck I have feels much like regular playing cards in that regard.


Rider Waite Tarot